About Seeds and Spades

It’s so nice to meet you!

Erinn(and hubby!) sitting in front of our raised bed.

Hi! I’m Erinn, the gardener and writer half of Seeds and Spades (my husband is the tech half!). We’re here to help you learn about the best gardening techniques and products for a thriving outdoor space.

Even though we lived in different states, my husband and I both grew up helping in our parents’ Midwestern gardens and yards. 

Some of our earliest outdoor jobs included pulling weeds, watering plants, hand-picking garden pests off plants and helping with the harvest. We both also remember walking out to the garden to satisfy the urge for a fresh snack of peas or strawberries. Yummy!

Besides managing large vegetable gardens, both of our mothers also have an incredible gift for raising an array of flowers. We’ve literally grown up surrounded by rainbows of color all spring and summer long!

For years, I thought that I couldn’t have the same kind of garden as my parents or my mother-in-law because we just don’t have the space on our small suburban lot.

And then I realized something: It’s true that I’ll never have their gardens.

But I will have mine!

And our garden is perfectly tailored to our situation, needs and skills. It’s a place to learn my own way of doing things (usually through trial and error!). I’m creating a space that’s totally and uniquely my own, filled with plants of my own choosing.

I’ve always been an educator at heart, and my goal is to share what I’ve learned about raising plants, choosing tools and other fun stuff along the way.

I promise you that you’ll get the best information I have to offer, and you’ll get it in an easy-to-understand format. After all, gardening should be fun; who needs jargon? 

Won’t you come along with us as we hone our gardening skills, learn how to make the most of what space we do have, and unearth the best garden products? We’d love it if you did!

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