21 Best Gardening Gifts for Mom: Show Her Some Green Love!

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Fresh peony flowers surround a cookie that says "Mom"

If your mom is an avid gardener, why not surprise her with a gift that helps her pursue her hobby? 

Be it for Mother’s Day, a birthday, another special occasion or just because, these 21 best gardening gifts for Mom are sure to please!

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1. A Stylish (and Functional!) Hat

Talson 50+ Visor with Flap

Talson 50+ Visor with Flap

Sun protection is critical not only for warding off painful sunburns but also for reducing the risk of sun-induced discoloration, wrinkling or skin cancer. 

Give Mom the protection she needs in a stylish package!

This hat from Talson provides outstanding 50+ UV protection for Mom’s face and neck. The wide brim has a sturdy, woven fabric that prevents any UV rays from sneaking through.

The lightweight detachable back neck flap is long enough to reach shoulder level for most people. It provides Mom with shade against the beating sun while still allowing the breezes to pass through.

The front neck strap has an adjustable fit, so even if the winds pick up while Mom’s at work, her hat stays right where it belongs. 

Even though this hat is awesome at UV protection, the light nylon material is light and airy. And if Mom wants to pack her hat for a trip, the thin fabric folds in flash. 

Also available in a white color option.

2. Curated Seed Collections

Botanical Interests Moon Garden Collection

Moon Garden Collection

Botanical Interests Butterfly Banquet Collection

Butterfly Banquet Collection

If your mother just loves to pore over seed catalogs, chances are she’s aware of Botanical Interests. 

Having earned the well-deserved reputation as one of the premier seed and garden supply companies, Botanical Interests offers a huge array of flower, herb and vegetable seeds. It can get a bit overwhelming, in fact! 

Thankfully, Botanical Interests has put together hand-chosen groups of seeds into awesome collections. This includes the two we’re featuring here:

  • The Moon Garden
  • Butterfly Banquet

These seed collections give Mom everything she needs to plant a gorgeous garden with plants that work together to fulfill a specific purpose. 

Each plant within a collection shares care and environmental needs, keeping your mom from having to go through the guesswork of trial and error. 

These two collections are some of our personal favorites, but they’re by no means your only options! Check out the Botanical Interests Collections page to see the full list. 

3. A Comfy Garden Chair

Sunnydaze Floating Chaise Lounge Chair

Sunnydaze Floating Chaise Lounge Chair, Teal

With its gently swaying motion, cushy padding and built-in shade, you just might be Mom’s favorite child after you gift her this chair! 

The unique design ends up producing something of a cross between a patio chair and hammock, giving Mom the best of both worlds.

A strong steel chain at the top of the frame suspends the chair and allows for rocking motion, much like a hammock. But the solid support frame eliminates the difficulty that sometimes happens when you’re trying to get into or out of a floppy hammock. 

A lightweight sunshade gives Mom a shady place to relax, and it’s also removable for storage. 

The vivid teal color is a true standout against any garden or landscape backdrop. Or if Mom prefers, you could also choose a beige or red color.

A sturdy steel frame supports up to 260 pounds, and the powder-coat finish protects against rust and weather damage. So Mom can look forward to many summers of lounging (perhaps thinking fondly of her favorite child!).

4. A Raised Garden Bed

Sunnydaze Raised Wood Garden Bed Planter Box with Shelf

Sunnydaze Raised Wood Garden Bed Planter Box with Shelf - 42-Inch - Stained Finish

Even if Mom only has limited outdoor space to work with (like a patio or deck), she can still enjoy tending to plants.

Flowers, herbs, vegetables- Mom can grow almost anything she wants in this raised bed without the need to bend or stoop over.

Also, this can be a great option to make gardening accessible if your mom has physical limitations that keep her from traditional gardening.

Overall Specs:

  • 41.5 inches long
  • 21.25 inches wide
  • 30 inches tall
  • Weighs 19 pounds when empty

Planting box dimensions:

  • 39 inches long
  • 19 inches wide
  • 6.75 inches tall
  • 2.68 cubic feet in volume

One thing to keep in mind: This bed does require moderate assembly. So consider making arrangements for putting Mom’s raised bed together (either yourself or finding someone to help) as part of your gift.

Unless, of course, Mom has a knack for putting things together herself! 

5. Specialty Rose Bushes

Nature Hills Bonica Rose

Nature Hills Bonica Rose

Roses aren’t the easiest plant to grow, but some people just seem to have that special touch for raising gorgeous, fragrant blooms. 

If your mom is one of those talented growers, the gift of a new rose bush to enlarge her collection might be the perfect fit! 

Nature Hills Nursery is a trusted source for a wide variety of plants, bulbs and trees. They also have an outstanding selection of roses, from classic favorites to new hybrids.

We’ve picked out the Bonica Rose to feature for these reasons: 

  • Beautiful, soft pink coloring
  • Bountiful blooms
  • Hardy in almost every area of the contiguous United States

But Bonica Rose isn’t your only choice for surprising Mom with a special new rose plant! Stop over to the Roses page on Nature Hills Nursery to see the full offerings. 

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6. Ergonomic Garden Tools

Easi Grip Garden Tools, Set of 4

Peta Easi-Grip Garden Tools Set of 4

Working in the garden all day doesn’t have to leave Mom with sore hands, wrists or forearms. 

This set of 4 hand tools have ergonomic Easi Grip handles set at a nearly 90-degree angle. This design provides extra leverage, easing the strain on muscles and joints and requiring less force to dig into the ground. 

When you give Mom this gardening set, she’ll get: 

  1. A dandelion digger
  2. A hand rake/cultivator
  3. A classic trowel
  4. A miniature garden fork

In addition to the ergonomic shape, the handles also have a rubberized grip that keeps the tool firmly in Mom’s hand. 

And the bright yellow-and-green color combo is easy to spot, so Mom won’t have to search too hard to find out where she laid her tools down. 

7. Next-Gen Garden Gloves

Women’s Bionic Reliefgrip Gardening Gloves

Women’s Bionic Reliefgrip Gardening Gloves

At first glance, these gloves kind of look like robotic hands. But their unusual design provides outstanding comfort and function, both during Mom’s work time and afterward. 

Strong, thick leather provides cushion and a protective barrier against sharp objects, like rose bush thorns, prickly weeds and rough wooden surfaces. In a patented design, the black fingertip pads give Mom an extra gripping boost. 

But thanks to strategically placed Lycra panels, Mom can also maintain her full range of motion and work comfortably. 

Besides allowing for stretch, the Lycra fabric also provides light compression, which can help reduce pain and inflammation after Mom’s been hard at work outside. 

8. A Garden Subscription Box

Crate Joy Bloomin Bin

Bloomin' Bin

Who doesn’t love getting a package filled with fun surprise goodies each month? And for gardening moms, seeds and plants definitely qualify as goodies! 

The Bloomin Bin through Crate Joy offers a subscription delivery of garden seeds or plants, with a different combination arriving at Mom’s door every month.  

Each box contains 3-5 types of seed, usually including both vegetables and flowers. Bloomin Bin tailors the seed selection to the current season, so Mom can enjoy continuous growing.

You can choose from several options at different monthly price points:

  • Just the Seeds
  • Just the Seeds Premium (Includes organizational binder)
  • Basic Bin
  • Premium Bin

Just pick the one that best fits Mom’s interests, and let the Bloomin Bin take care of the rest! 

The option we’re featuring here is the Just the Seeds box, but you can check out the full list of options on the Crate Joy Bloomin Bin page.

9. A Colorful Birdbath

Sunnydaze Multi-Color Mosaic Petals Outdoor Birdbath with Stand

Sunnydaze Mosaic Petals Glass Bird Bath Bowl with Stand - 14-Inch Diameter

Not only do birds bring color and lovely songs to Mom’s garden, but many species also eat harmful insects and may help pollinate flowers.

So the more the merrier, and a birdbath is a great way to attract more bird friends to Mom’s yard or garden. 

This brightly colored birdbath features a charming mosaic pattern that also doubles as a fun decorative piece. 

The 14-inch bowl gives birds plenty of room to splash and bathe, and the wide, flat lip won’t obstruct Mom’s view while bird-watching. 

Also, the shallow depth keeps the water from becoming too murky or becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos. 

And if your mom lives in a region with harsh winters, the glass bowl lifts right off the stand for easy storage. 

10. Indoor Tea-Growing Kit

Hapinest Herbal Tea Indoor Garden

Hapinest Herbal Tea Indoor Garden

If your mom’s love for gardening is only equaled by her love of tea, this herbal tea indoor growing kit gives her the chance to enjoy both at the same time. 

The kit includes everything Mom needs to start her very own tea-producing mini-garden:

  • 4 packs of organic, non-GMO herbal tea plants: Chamomile, lemon balm, clover and peppermint
  • 4 biodegradable peat pots
  • 2 non-GMO certified expanding soil blocks
  • 1 scissors
  • 4 wooden plant stakes
  • 1 tea strainer

Detailed planting and growing instructions are included, so Mom can get started right away. 

The pots are small enough to fit on a sunny windowsill, and with plenty of sunshine and water, Mom should start to see her seeds germinate within a couple of weeks. 

After that, Mom can either transplant her herbal seedlings into a larger indoor pot or plant them outside. Then, she can enjoy a cup of fresh herbal tea whenever the mood strikes! 

11. A Pretty Garden Tool Kit

Jumphigh 10-Piece Garden Tool Set

Jumphigh 10-Piece Garden Tool Set

If your mom loves taking care of houseplants, container gardens or raised beds, this small, lightweight gardening tool kit gives her everything she needs in one handy place.

And the lovely purple color is an added bonus! 

This 10-piece set includes:

  1. Spray bottle
  2. Sharp-point trowel 
  3. Rounded trowel
  4. 3-prong hand rake
  5. Pruning shears
  6. Weed knife
  7. Hedge clippers
  8. Mini rounded trowel
  9. Mini cultivator
  10. Mini sharp-point trowel

All the tool handles have a pretty floral print with shades of purple, pink, green and yellow. Each tool snaps into its own place, and indentations in the plastic shell make it easy for Mom to grab the tool she needs. 

When closed, the case measures 14.6 x 11 inches, so it’s easy for your mom to store her tools when the garden tasks are done.

12. A Comfortable-But-Strong Pruner

The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Hand Pruner

The Gardener's Friend Ratchet Hand Pruner

With caring for a garden or yard usually comes regular pruning and trimming. And that can leave Mom with sore hands or forearms, especially if she’s dealing with pain and inflammation from arthritis. 

Help Mom get her landscape or garden in shape with less strain on muscles with the clever ratchet pruner from The Gardener’s Friend. 

Instead of struggling to cut through a tough branch or stem in one motion, the ratchet mechanism spreads the force over several smaller cuts.

With each squeeze, the blades lock in place, so Mom can progressively cut through her target with a series of smaller motions. 

The ergonomic handles add another measure of comfort, and the rubberized grip helps Mom keep a firm grasp on her pruner. 

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13. Indoor/Outdoor Planter Set

Sunnydaze Resin Faux Basketweave Outdoor Planter – Set of 3

Resin Faux Basketweave Outdoor Planter

Whether Mom likes to care for houseplants, grow flowers outdoors or a little bit of both, this sturdy and stylish planter set delivers!

This set includes planters of three different sizes:

  • The small size: 12 inches across at the mouth, 7.25 inches at the base and 8.25 inches tall.
  • The medium size: 13.75 inches across at the mouth, 8.5 inches at the base and 9.5 inches tall.
  • The large size: 15.5 inches across at the mouth, 9.75 inches at the base and 11 inches tall.

Thanks to the rounded shape, subtle lined pattern and neutral color, these planters manage to look both classic and modern at the same time.

With their sturdy resin construction, these planters are designed to withstand the elements as outdoor planters. But there’s nothing holding Mom back from using these in living room as opposed to the front porch.

14. A Garden Scooter

Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart with Extendable Steering Handle

Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart with Extendable Steering Handle, Swivel Seat & Planter Basket, Red

When you give Mom this rolling garden cart, you’re not just giving her a scooter. You’re giving her a mobile command unit! 

The scooter’s frame is welded steel with a powder-coat finish, so it can stand up to the elements and last for years.

The seat spins 360 degrees, so no matter which way Mom has to turn to do her work, everything stays within easy reach. And with two storage areas (a spacious wire basket and a lower plastic tray), Mom has plenty of space for all her garden essentials. 

Bumps and ruts don’t stand a chance against the heavy-duty pneumatic tires. And when it’s time to move on to the next worksite, the adjustable handle makes it easy to get going. 

Also available in blue and green color options; visit the Sunnydaze product page to see them. 

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15. A Decorative Gazing Ball

Sunnydaze Sunset Sky Glass Gazing Ball

Sunnydaze Sunset Sky Glass Outdoor Gazing Ball Globe - 10-Inch

A classic gazing ball is a beautiful addition to flowerbeds, landscaped plantings or just about anywhere Mom feels like adding a splash of color. 

This artistic rendition has the look of blown glass, with vibrant orange striping that earned its “Sunset” name. Each band of colors swirls in a diagonal pattern, giving Mom a stunning light-catching show from any angle.

Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, your mom won’t have to struggle to move her gazing ball indoors when freezing temperatures strike. 

The ball is 10 inches in diameter, and with the rubber-capped stem, the height comes to 11.5 inches. 

You can pair this gazing ball with most standard globe stands. Note: The stand in the photos is not included. 

You can check out the Sunnydaze Decor offerings for globe stands and even more gazing balls on their product page. 

16. Fun Gardening Apparel

Garden Life Gift Tees

Garden Life Gift Tees

Gardening is serious business, and sometimes you need a uniform to let everyone know you’re hard at work. 

Or you could also give Mom the gift of both a chuckle and a practical item to wear with this fun T-shirt. 

Made of a cotton/poly blend, this shirt is comfortable enough to wear for gardening chores or just as a daily wardrobe staple.

The V-neck adds a pretty, feminine touch. And the classic fit offers a little extra room around the waist area, so Mom won’t have to deal with any uncomfortable binding. 

Available in sizes small through 2XL, and with 10 color options to choose from, you should be able to find Mom’s favorite. 

17. A Garden Resource Book

The Garden Primer by Barbara Damsroch

The Garden Primer by Barbara Damsroch

Even if Mom is an experienced gardener, she’d probably be the first to agree that there’s always more to learn when it comes to growing vegetables, flowers and herbs!

And a helpful, comprehensive resource book, like The Garden Primer, is one that Mom can reach for again and again. 

The author, Barbara Damsroch, wrote The Garden Primer with a delightful blend of helpful advice and a witty, entertaining style.

Mom will find information on growing a huge array of plants and herbs, along with simple garden layout plans and steps for addressing common problems. 

Note: I have this book on my own bookshelf, and I’ve consulted it time and again. Many times, I’m looking for the answer to a question, but just as often, I open it to read simply for pleasure. I highly recommend it!  

18. An Indoor Herb Garden

Mindful Design LED Indoor Herb Garden

Mindful Design LED Indoor Herb Garden

Has Mom always wanted to grow herbs indoors but she doesn’t have a sunny windowsill? This clever little planter brings plenty of its own light, giving Mom endless options for placing her herb garden.

A small-but-powerful LED bulb is embedded in the planter’s upper frame, supplying all the light Mom’s herbs need to flourish.

Measuring 16.5 inches long, 4.8 inches wide and 11.4 inches tall, Mom can put her herb garden on the counter, tabletop or anywhere she likes. 

Just like plants outside, indoor plants need a light/dark cycle to help them grow properly. This planter has a helpful built-in timer that lets Mom set her light on/off schedule once and never have to worry about it again. 

Even though this device is billed as an herb garden, Mom could also use it to grow her favorite small flowers, leafy greens or succulents. 

19. A Unique Wind Chime

Jobosi Hummingbird Wind Chime

Jobosi Hummingbird Wind Chime

Wind chimes are a perfect addition to almost any outdoor space: Decks, patios and front porches, to name just a few. And with this unusual design from Jobosi, Mom can enjoy looking at her beautiful wind chime in the day or night. 

Six delicate hummingbirds dangle in a cylindrical shape, and small bells provide a soothing tinkling sound in the breeze.

The wind chime has a solar-powered internal battery that soaks up UV rays during the day. Then, as it gets dark, the translucent hummingbirds start to glow in a multi-colored light show that lasts for up to 8 hours.

According to Jobosi, the LED light should last for up to 600 days, so Mom can enjoy her nightly hummingbird lights for quite a while! 

20. Bright Houseplant Pots

Potey Indoor Planter Pots

Potey Indoor Planter Pots

These bright planters add a pop of color to Mom’s house, and the vibrant red provides a great contrast to a plant’s green foliage. 

Made of heavy ceramic, these planters are sturdy and not in much danger of cracks or chips. Bedrooms, kitchens living rooms- these planters are ideal for any room where Mom has her houseplants. 

Each pot has a drainage hole to prevent water retention and root rot. A drainage hole plug is also included, so Mom can avoid messy spills if she chooses. 

Another nice feature is the deeply textured surface, with a high-contrast and energetic pattern. 

At just shy of 6 inches, the larger pot is ideal for compact houseplants, like:

  • Peperomia
  • Pothos 
  • Heartleaf philodendron

The smaller pot is 4.7 inches, and it’s perfect for:

  • Medium to large succulents
  • Aloe vera
  • Cacti

Also available in Blue/White and Black/White color options. 

21. A Harvest Apron

Roo Garden Apron – The Joey

Roo Garden Apron - The Joey

It often seems that plants like zucchini, cucumbers or tomatoes hit their ripe stage all at once. And when that happens, it can be hard to carry the harvest back to the house!

This handy, well-designed garden apron can help save Mom some precious time and more than a few extra trips. 

One very clever feature is the pouch’s open bottom. This design lets Mom empty whatever she’s carrying onto the counter or sink without having to lift each piece out one by one. 

And when Mom wants her apron pouch closed, two rope sections on the bottom edge clip securely in place, forming a sturdy pouch. 

The heavy-duty cotton canvas shell has a water-resistant nylon inner layer, keeping moisture from seeping onto Mom’s clothes. And if a mess does happen, the apron is machine washable. 

The tie closure fits makes this apron one-size-fits-all, and the pretty lilac color is a fun touch. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best gardening gifts for Mom. We certainly had fun putting it together, and a couple of these are on my wishlist now!

So now that you’ve got some inspiration, go out and get your mother a gift she’ll love and use for years to come!

Which one was your favorite gift idea? Do you have any other suggestions to share? 

Let us know in the comments! 

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