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21 Best Garden Gifts for Dad

Father and son spending time in the garden

21 Best Garden Gifts for Dad

Dad prizes his time out in the garden or lawn, so what better gift to give him than one that helps him pursue his love of the outdoors?

We’ve put together a list of 21 of our favorite garden gifts for dad that are perfect for Christmas, a birthday, Father’s Day or just anytime! 

Let’s get started!

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1. A Lawn Care Helper

KOWOLL Robot Lawn Mower 

KOWOLL Robot Lawn Mower

NOTE: According to my husband, this product is totally the coolest and deserves top billing!

Let Dad reclaim some free time from the lawn care grind. This robotic lawnmower from Kowoll works its way around the yard little by little each day to give Dad’s lawn a continual fresh-cut look. 

The initial setup will take Dad a little time, but then it’s hands-free lawn care after that. Dad will need to mark off his lawn parameters with wire and stakes (included with the mower). The good news, though, is that this is a one-time job.

After that, Dad needs to select a few settings on the simple keypad, and he’s ready to let the robotic controls take over.

Running on rechargeable battery power, this little machine covers ground by mowing in a random pattern. Built-in sensors detect the wire parameters, and the mower will automatically back up and change directions if it bumps into an obstruction. 

The ultra-sharp cutting blade produces a clean cut that doesn’t leave a noticeable path in its wake. And when the machine knows it’s getting low on energy, it heads home and parks itself in its charging station.

2. A Comfortable Hammock

Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Hammock with 12-Foot Stand

Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Hammock and 12-Foot Stand

After a hard day’s work in the garden or lawn, Dad needs a comfortable place to kick up his feet and just relax. 

And an oversized hammock with a steel frame is the perfect solution!

The base layer is woven from cotton rope, so Dad has strong support that holds up to 275 pounds. Sturdy steel chains keep the rope layer anchored to the frame, and they also provide that soothing hammock sway. 

Above that, a cushy pad reaches from Dad’s head to his toes, and the squishy pillow is the final finishing touch. Both of these components have an acrylic outer layer that stands up to wind, rain and sun, and the cheery green and white stripes look classic and inviting. 

The 12-foot steel frame gives Dad a solid, stable base. And at 36 pounds, it’s not too heavy to move if Dad prefers a different location or to store for the off-season. 

Also, the steel has a durable powder-coat finish, so Dad won’t have to worry about rust or other weather-related damage. 

This is far from your only option when it comes to hammocks from Sunnydaze Decor. You can check out their other offerings on their Hammocks and Accessories page. 

3. A Light-Hearted Tee Shirt

“The Gardenfather” Mens Tee Shirt

"The Gardenfather" Mens Tee Shirt

Some humorous gardening tee shirts can veer into silly or potentially offensive territory.

But this “Gardenfather” option strikes a great balance that gives Dad a laugh and a chance to show off his love for gardening to the watching world!

(And if Dad just happens to be a major fan of a certain iconic movie series by a similar name, you’ll get even more bonus points!)

This tee shirt uses ultra-soft cotton and classic fit, so Dad can be comfortable, showcase his love for gardening and look sharp all at the same time. 

Available in sizes small through 3XL. And with five color options to choose from, you should find one that’s just right for Dad:

  • Black (pictured)
  • Navy
  • Asphalt
  • Royal Blue
  • Olive

4. An Awesome Vertical Garden

Garden Tower Project Garden Tower 2

Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

Help Dad maximize his growing space with the incredibly efficient design of the Garden Tower 2. 

The planter comes with a total of 6 separate, stackable planting trays, so Dad can use as many or as few as he wants. With all 6 trays in use, Dad can grow up to 50 different plants, all in about 4 square feet of space!

Another great feature is the central water/nutrient tube. To water his plants, Dad just needs to add water through the top of the tube, and each tray gets just the amount it needs.

The central tube also doubles as a composter, and Dad can add his own red worms to make his own vermicomposting system.

Dad can remove his finished compost through a sliding drawer on the planter’s base, and there’s also a collection basin for compost tea. 

Also, this planter could be a great way to make gardening accessible for Dad if he has a physical condition that prevents him from caring for a traditional garden.

5. A Strong Garden Utility Cart

Sunnydaze Utility Cart with Removable Folding Sides

Sunnydaze Utility Cart with Removable Folding Sides, 400 Pound Weight Capacity, Green

Be it heavy bags of mulch, a bucket of compost, a pile of pulled weeds, tools or just about anything else, this handy garden cart makes it easy for Dad to go about his garden hauling. 

  • Basket dimensions: 34 inches long,  18 inches wide and x 9 inches tall
  • Material: Steel with powder coat finish
  • Cart weight (empty): 35 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Basket volume: 2.25 cubic feet
  • Tire size: 10 inches
  • Available color options: Green (pictured), blue, yellow, red and black

One really nice feature to this cart are the hinged sides that fold downwards, sparing Dad from having to lift heavy objects any higher than he has to.

All four side panels are fully detachable if Dad needs a flatbed to haul something a little larger. And when he wants four upright sides to contain the load, the hinges lock securely in place. 

Thanks to heavy-duty pneumatic tires, Dad can roll easily over bumps, ruts, grass or other unforgiving surfaces. And the 180-degree pivoting front wheels and cushioned handlebar make it easy for Dad to maneuver, even when fully loaded. 

6. A Top-Notch Pruner

Felco F-13 High-Performance Garden Pruner

Felco F-13 High-Performance Garden Pruner

Does Dad just love when one tool can last for a lifetime given the proper maintenance? If so, he’ll probably greatly appreciate the gift of a garden pruner that he can maintain and use for decades. 

Felco is one of the most well-known and trusted brands out there when it comes to garden pruners. Each pruner is designed and manufactured in Switzerland, and each piece is precision engineered for durability and comfort.

The pruner blades are hardened steel for outstanding durability and strength. Each handle has a core of forged aluminum encased in a rubberized coating that absorbs shock and enhances grip. 

The blades operate on a bypass motion that makes clean cuts with minimal effort. A wire-cutting notch lets Dad slice through thin wire and string, and a sap groove prevents the blades from gumming up mid-task. 

Is Dad a lefty trying to garden in a righty’s world? Felco specifically designed their F-10 model with handgrips that fit perfectly in the left hand. 

(Speaking as a lefty myself, I know the hand fatigue that can come with holding a pair of standard pruners in an awkward grip. I love the fact that Felco offers the option of a left-handed design!)

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7. A Robotic Weeder

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot

From the creators of Roomba comes another motorized device that takes over for the chores we hate most. And if Dad’s like most gardeners, that task is: Weeding!

This is truly a novel idea, and if Dad’s into garden gadgets, this one is a winner.

The Tertill robot harnesses solar power to slowly make its way through Dad’s garden, working a few minutes at a time between recharges. 

Angled, grooved wheels tear up small weeds before they have a chance to fully take root, and a mini string trimmer mercilessly mows down any that remain. 

But one major concern: How can the Tertill tell what’s a weed and what’s not? Essentially, it comes down to plant height: Dad’s garden plants are typically tall and weeds are usually short. 

The Tertill has built-in sensors that can detect how tall a plant is, and it’s programmed to leave taller plants alone. When the Tertill runs up against a tall plant, it automatically turns away. 

Also, the Tertill comes with protective plant guards, so Dad can fence off his new seedlings that are just starting out. 

To use the Tertill, Dad just has to power the unit on and place it in his garden. From there, the Tertill takes over, and the weatherproof cover means Dad can leave it in his garden for the entire growing season. 

Even though the operation is simple, Dad will need to have the right garden conditions:

  • Max garden area of 200 square feet
  • A rigid barrier around the garden perimeter (to prevent the Tertill from wandering)
  • At least 12 inches between rows
  • Weeds that are less than 1 inch tall (best to place in the garden in early spring or right after a weeding session if later in the season)

Also, reviewers say that watching instructional videos is essential to get the best results from the Tertill. 

Seriously, what will they think of next??

8. A Personal Greenhouse

Ohuhu Walk-In Plant Greenhouse

Ohuhu Walk-In Plant Greenhouse

Help Dad get a head start for his favorite vegetable, herb and flower seedlings with this lightweight, portable and highly functional greenhouse. 

And he’ll have plenty of room to work with in this walk-in model that houses 12 shelves along with overhead and ground space. Here are some specs:

  • Greenhouse dimensions: 55.5 inches long, 56.3 inches wide, 76.8 inches tall
  • Shelf dimensions: 28.5 inches long, 9 inches deep and 18.5 inches tall
  • Total weight: 23.4 pounds

The outer polyethylene plastic layer has support fibers woven in a grid pattern for extra reinforcement. And Ohuhu also added UV-resistant elements that prevent warping, fading  or otherwise breaking down in the sun.

Even though most plants just love humid greenhouse conditions, you can have too much of a good thing. So Dad also has the option to open one or both screened ventilation windows to let the fresh air in.

And thanks to Velcro closures, Dad’s windows also stay securely shut when needed. 

This kit also includes 4 support cables and ground hooks, so Dad’s greenhouse can stay right where it belongs even in windy conditions. If needed, Dad can also use rocks or other weights to add an extra measure of stability. 

9. A Mega-Assortment of Seeds

Heirloom Futures 55-Variety Seed Pack

Heirloom Futures 55-Variety Seed Pack

This shiny gold pack may not be very large, but it contains an awesome selection of high-quality seeds for the future. 

This incredible seed bank could be a fantastic choice for Dad if he:

  • Is interested in preserving heirloom plants
  • Loves to experiment with a variety of vegetables
  • Wants to expand his garden space
  • Likes to be prepared for the future

This seed bank contains 55 different seed packs, from plants A-Z (asparagus to zucchini!). We couldn’t list them all in this post, but here’s a brief sample:

  • Onions
  • Swiss chard
  • Cucumbers 
  • Watermelon
  • Corn
  • Bush beans
  • Okra
  • Beets

Each variety is an heirloom, meaning that it was developed sometime before WWII and is not a modern hybrid. All seeds are also non-GMO and produced in the U.S.

Customers report outstanding germination rates, and the manufacturer also states that these seeds could last up to 20 years if stored properly. 

And because all these plants are open-pollinated heirloom varieties, Dad could save the seeds each year for the next growing season. Your gift could potentially last Dad for years, or even decades! 

10. A UV-Protective Hat

UPF 50+ Crushed Crown Braid Hat

UPF 50+ Crushed Crown Braid Hat

Most plants love growing in the sunniest locations Dad has available, making a good hat a true gardening essential. 

This hat offers the timeless look and unbeatable airflow of straw but with the added benefit of 50+ UV protection, so Dad stays both safe and stylish while working outside. 

In addition to the tight weave, the hat’s 5-inch wide brim provides excellent shading not only for Dad’s eyes but also his neck and shoulder area. But even though the brim is extra-wide, the upturned edge won’t obstruct Dad’s line of sight. 

For extra durability, this hat is made from 75% traditional straw and 25% polyester. 

A comfy elastic band inside the crown gives Dad a snug fit while also helping keep some sweat from getting in his eyes.

Is this hat not quite right for Dad? Check out some other options in our post where we cover what we consider the best gardening hats available today!

11. A Powerful Grow Light

Sansi LED Full-Spectrum 60W Grow Light

Sansi LED Full-Spectrum 60W Grow Light

Be it for starting his veggies indoors or growing the fullest, healthiest houseplants out there, a compact yet effective grow light can be Dad’s best friend. 

Sansi is a leading brand in the world of grow lights, and this 60W full-spectrum LED model gets high marks from satisfied customers. 

While a lot of other comparably-priced grow lights only produce red and blue wavelengths, this model offers a full-spectrum light output that more closely mimics natural sunlight.

This accelerates photosynthesis and, in turn, leads to Dad’s plants producing:

  • Better growth
  • Denser foliage
  • Bigger, more vibrant blooms

Each of the four arms is hinged, letting Dad direct his light in exactly the area he wants. Each bulb is engineered to distribute light evenly and prevent overheating. 

And thanks to the ultra-efficient LED bulb, high light output doesn’t have to equal high energy bills. 

Sansi states that Dad should get about 500,000 hours of use from the LED bulb. As an added bonus, Sansi also offers a 5-year warranty.

This grow light is awesome, but it’s not your only option! Sansi has an incredible selection of grow lights at a variety of price points. Check out their full offerings on their Grow Lights product page.

12. A High-Tech Bird Feeder

Wingscapes AutoFeeder

Wingscapes AutoFeeder

This clever bird feeder gives Dad a front-row seat to the avian show with less work and wasted bird food. 

Instead of allowing continual access to Dad’s choice of birdseed, this feeder uses battery power to open the seed dispenser anywhere between 1 and 4 times a day.

Dad can schedule these times whenever he wants, and he can also control how much seed gets dispensed at any one time. 

This controlled release translates into fewer refills for Dad, saving him time and money (birdseed isn’t cheap!). It also cuts down on food spilled on the ground, which can be a smorgasbord for raccoons, skunks and other vermin.  

For even less waste, a birdseed catcher tray is a great addition. 

If you’re concerned that this restricted feeding pattern will result in hungry birds, don’t worry! Birds are surprisingly intelligent, and it won’t take long for them to learn when mealtime rolls around every day. 

This feeder runs on 4 AA batteries, and Wingscapes states that the feeder should operate for a year before the batteries run out. 

13. A Sturdy Shovel

Bully Tools 32510 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel

Bully Tools 32510 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel

Is there a more heavily used tool in a garden than a shovel? With all the tasks that make Dad reach for a shovel, he’s sure to appreciate one that rises to the occasion.

Firstly, we want to point out that this shovel (like all Bully tools) is 100% made in America. So that’s pretty cool!

Wood is the traditional material for shovel handles, but it can be prone to splintering or cracking over time, especially if it gets wet. Instead, this shovel uses a super-strong fiberglass composite for superior smoothness and strength, even in the elements.

The scoop is made from 14 gauge American steel, which Bully states is up to 30% stronger than imported steel.

With a mostly rounded shape that comes to a gentle point, Dad should have no trouble slicing through sod or hard soil. And generous step plates and a slightly cupped shape help reduce work too.

We’re looking at the D-grip model here, but there’s also a long-handle version if Dad prefers.

14. Heavy-Duty Garden Gloves

Bionic Relief Grip Garden Gloves

Bionic Relief Grip Garden Gloves for Men

Developed by an orthopedic surgeon, these gloves have an inner layer of stretchy neoprene. This helps provide gentle compression on sensitive joints and nerves, and Dad may be able to look forward to less soreness after a day of working outside. 

But aside from the long-term effects, these gloves also provide superior grip and flexibility while Dad’s hard at work. 

A tough outer layer protects against thorns, splinters and other hazards. And thanks to strategically placed Lycra panels, Dad retains a full range of motion. 

The black pads you see on the glove fingertips are silicone patches, giving Dad outstanding grip with less effort on his part. 

To top it off, if Dad gets his gloves dirty, he can just throw them in the washing machine. Done! (No bleach or machine drying, though!)

15. A Drone-Mounted Camera

Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone

Is Dad brainstorming ideas for a new garden space or ways to spruce up an existing one?

It can hard to get the full picture just from walking around. So why not give him another point of view?

There’s probably no more high-tech way to go about garden planning and monitoring than by a super-cool drone! 

This model from Holy Stone offers beginner-friendly controls, with joystick steering and just a few buttons. Dad can also establish a Wi-Fi connection and maintain communication for up to 100 meters.

Dad can take crystal-clear still shots and videos, and with the easy handling, he can get just the angle he’s looking for. 

Depending on weather conditions, Dad should be able to get anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes of flight/video time on a full battery charge. 

Besides providing hime with unparalleled aerial garden shots, it’s probably safe to say that Dad will just have a blast flying a drone around his property!

NOTE: Make sure to check for any local ordinances and registration laws regarding personal drones. Know your rights/responsibilities and those of others!

16. An Electric Lopper

Black and Decker Electric Lopper/Chainsaw

Black and Decker Electric Lopper/Chainsaw

With its combined power, small size and maneuverability, this device is definitely one of the coolest and most practical garden gadgets for Dad! 

With 6 inches of chain and cutting bar, Dad can make short work of branches that measure up to 4 inches in diameter. The electric motor delivers 4.5 amps of power, so Dad won’t get bogged down in the middle of a cut.

The power source is an electric cord, which is nice for a few reasons:

  1. No added weight from a battery
  2. Dad can use his own extension cord (like this popular one!) to get the distance he needs
  3. No danger of running out of battery life during a task

Weighing in at 6.5 pounds, this lopper/chainsaw is light enough to keep muscle strain at bay for quite a while. And with the cutting bar for stabilization that helps hold branches steady, this tool is easy to handle. 

Finally, Black and Decker offers a 2-year limited warranty on Dad’s lopper, so you’ve got a little extra peace of mind. 

17. A Durable Set of Hand Tools

LANNIU Gardening Tool Set

LANNIU Gardening Tool Set

Do hand tools that bend, rust or outright break drive Dad crazy? He won’t have to worry about that with this heavy-duty set of hand tool essentials from LANNIU.

Along with the cloth carrying tote, the set includes these 6 tools:

  1. Hand pruner
  2. Dandelion digger
  3. Transplant trowel
  4. Standard Trowel
  5. Hand rake
  6. Hand saw

Each tool features a solid stainless steel upper for excellent strength and rust resistance. 

The handles have an ergonomic shape that fits naturally into Dad’s hand, and a rubberized coating provides a firm grip.

Besides just accommodating the tools in this set, the tote is roomy enough to carry additional small tools, seed packets, a bottle of water or other items. 

18. A Garden Knife

Truly Garden Hori Hori Garden Knife with Leather Case and Diamond Sharpening Rod

Truly Garden Hori Hori Garden Knife with Leather Case and Diamond Sharpening Rod

A garden knife may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of gardening tools. But this versatile item certainly deserves a spot in Dad’s garden tool arsenal! 

This knife is a modernization of the 16th-century Japanese garden tool, traditionally known as a hori hori. While it’s not the only Japanese gardening tool available in the United States, it is perhaps the most well-known. 

(If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Japanese gardening tools, Colorado State University has a fascinating article!)

Some common uses for a hori hori knife include:

  • Precise digging around sensitive plants
  • Dividing perennials 
  • Digging out weeds
  • Transplanting 

This hori hori knife has a cupped blade that easily slices through the soil with minimal effort on Dad’s part. One side of the blade has a serrated edge, so Dad can cut through troublesome roots or even do a little light pruning. 

As a bonus, this hori hori knife also comes with a leather sheath that Dad can wear on his belt to keep his knife in easy reach.

You also get a dual-sided diamond sharpening rod, so Dad can keep both the flat and the serrated blade edges in tip-top condition. 

19. An Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Maybe Dad likes to have fresh veggies, herbs and greens readily at hand when the craving strikes. Or maybe he’s always wanted to try hydroponic growing but just didn’t have the space for a full-scale setup. 

Either way, the Aerogarden produces an abundance of fresh food right in the comfort of Dad’s own kitchen. 

The lower tank houses a scaled-down hydroponic tank, and built-in LED bulbs provide all the light Dad’s plants need to grow. Specialized pods house the Aerogarden seed, so the roots can grow properly in the water tank. 

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • The Aerogarden tank/light device
  • 6 herb seed pods: Dill, mint, thyme, curly parsley, Genovese basil, Thai basil
  • 3 oz. bottle of plant nutrients

To get started, Dad will need to add water to the tank, pour in some plant food, insert the seed pods and power up the tank. 

And he won’t have to wait long to harvest! According to Aerogarden, plants in the hydroponic tank grow up to 5 times faster than those in soil. 

Aerogarden offers several model options with various special features (this is the basic model) and refill supplies. To see more, visit Amazon

20. A Backyard Composter

Yimby Outdoor Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

Yimby Outdoor Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

In some areas, certain factors can make producing homemade compost a challenge:

  • City ordinances
  • The risk of attracting pests
  • Just not enough room

Give Dad the opportunity to recycle, feed his plants and save money (commercial compost is pricey!!) with this tumbling compost bin. 

Dad’s total capacity for this composter is 37 gallons, and a central dividing wall effectively splits that into two 18.5 gallon chambers.

This lets Dad have a continual composting cycle going. One chamber is actively cooking the compost while Dad fills the other chamber, and back and forth you go!

And forget having to get out the pitchfork to turn a compost pile! This bin spins easily on a central axle, so Dad can aerate and mix his compost almost effortlessly. 

Also, the bin’s elevation and sliding cover deter pests from breaking in and also help keep any odors down. 

RELATED: I personally own this composter, and I’ve been very happy with it. If you’d like to learn more details, stop by the post I wrote about using the Yimby composter.

21. A Monthly Surprise Seed Delivery

Crate Joy Urban Organic Gardener Subscription

Urban Organic Gardener's (UOG) Seeds-of-the-Month Garden Club

Does Dad love to experiment in his garden, willing to give almost anything a try? Or maybe he wants to try growing new plants, but he’s not quite sure which ones to pick. 

Either way, this monthly subscription box from Urban Organic Gardener is a fun way to explore a variety of plants tailored to Dad’s needs!

When you sign up for Dad’s subscription, you’ll supply Urban Organic Gardener with some basic information about the growing conditions Dad has to work with:

  • Traditional garden, hydroponics, containers, etc
  • Indoors vs outdoors, patio/deck, front yard vs backyard
  • Growing region
  • Full sun vs partial shade
  • Dad’s garden experience level

Urban Organic Gardener takes it from there, sending Dad a customized assortment of seeds that give him the best chances of success!

NOTE: If you’re unsure of the answer to any question, just do your best. You can always adjust the information later if needed. 

You’ve got a few options when it comes to subscription length and the amount of seeds Dad gets each month. 

The Monthly Mystery box contains up to 2 varieties of seasonal seeds, seed-starting soil pods and plant markers. 

The Pro Membership includes up to 5 varieties of season-appropriate seeds along with soil pods and markers. 

You can choose a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan for either the Monthly Mystery or the Pro box. And for the gift that keeps on giving, you can choose an auto-renew option if you’d like. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best garden gifts for Dad!

There’s a lot of great products out there, and maybe your gift will end up being Dad’s new favorite standby!

What do you think of our list? Are there any other products you’d add?

Let us know in the comments!